L.G. Pinkston was named after Lee Gresham Pinkston, an African American surgeon, publisher, and political activist who received awards for his outstanding achievement in medical advancement, interracial achievement, and civic affairs in 1954.

The L.G. Pinkston Class of 1969 Alumni (nonprofit organization) was founded in 1999 by Mr. Clifford Sherman, who is also an alumni. Mr. Sherman, along with his wife, Joyce Sherman, also a Pinkston alumni, provide laptops and printers to graduating seniors. The organization also provides senior fees assistance based on counselor referrals and back to school supplies on first day of school. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman have continued to provide assistance to the seniors, even during times when high school graduate to college or university rates from Pinkston are low.

The Board

Clifford Sherman: Chief Executive Officer


Joyce Washington Sherman: Chief Financial Officer



Joyce Sherman is a Retired H&R Block Senior Tax Analyst. With experience in Federal and State Income Taxes. She also retired from United Parcel Services after 35 years of working in various Departments of Accounting.

Joyce is a native of Dallas Texas, a graduate of L G Pinkston High School and studied Business Administration at DISD Jr College and Dallas Baptist University.

When not working Joyce donates her time volunteering with other organizations. She loves to travel and has had the pleasure of visiting multiple countries within two Continents where she continues to help others while traveling to areas in need.

George Castro: Member-At-Large


LaTeashia Sherman “Nikkie”: Board Secretary

NikkieLaTeashia Sherman is a Business Operations Manager / Analyst with expertise in Finance and Business Operations. In the past 20 years she has worked with International Business Machines within Asset Management and Telecommunication Industries. Some typical clients include ABM Industries, Disney, Mobile Telephone Networks and Bharti/Airtel.

LaTeashia began her career in the health industry after receiving a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in 1996 where she spent 2 years working in an Employee Assistance Program that provided company employee counseling services before moving into the Information Technology Industry.

LaTeashia currently lives in Texas, but she has resided in 4 other states here in the USA and she has also spent over 2 years overseas. When not working, LaTeashia enjoys traveling, reading, and volunteering with organizations like Trumpet Awards and Minis and Friends.


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